Doxygen for atari

Here is the port of doxygen for the m68k-atari-mint target. You can visit for details about this target. This Sparemint server also provides a lot of RPM, including doxygen (information on doxygen package).

The archive contains only the binaries, please visit for manual, FAQ and any other details about doxygen.

download last stable release

doxygen release 1.4.6 (30 Dec 2005)
binary (tar gzipped) doxygen-1.4.6.tgz(1.563.249 bytes)
binary (RPM) doxygen-1.4.6-1.m68kmint.rpm(1.550.036 bytes)
sources (RPM) doxygen-1.4.6-1.src.rpm(2.915.966 bytes)

download old stable release

doxygen release 1.4.5 (04 Oct 2005)
binary (tar gzipped) doxygen-1.4.5.tgz(1.561.732 bytes)
binary (RPM) doxygen-1.4.5-1.m68kmint.rpm(1.545.896 bytes)
sources (RPM) doxygen-1.4.5-1.src.rpm(2.881.597 bytes)
doxygen release 1.4.4 (25 July 2005)
binary (tar gzipped) doxygen-1.4.4.tgz(1.541.517 bytes)
binary (RPM) doxygen-1.4.4-1.m68kmint.rpm(1.525.386 bytes)
sources (RPM) doxygen-1.4.4-1.src.rpm(3.028.769 bytes)
doxygen release 1.4.3 (16 May 2005)
binary (tar gzipped) doxygen-1.4.3.tgz(1.504.151 bytes)
binary (RPM) doxygen-1.4.3-1.m68kmint.rpm(1.487.647 bytes)
sources (RPM) doxygen-1.4.3-1.src.rpm(2.765.265 bytes)

Warning: doxygen requieres a _lot_ of memory (binary is about 4MB) and a _very_ fast CPU. You've been warned !

Have fun !

(c)2004-2006 Arnaud BERCEGEAY ( bercegeay at atari dot org )