HOWTO upgrade Aranym/AFROS on your EasyAraMint system

You already have a EasyAraMint system up and running, and you want to upgrade this system to a newer AFROS and/or Aranym release. You're on the right place :)

If you don't know what is EasyAraMint, clic on the following link:
HOWTO install EasyMiNT from scratch on Aranym/AFROS basis.

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Download the last Aranym release from, and the AFROS disk image corresponding to this Aranym release. Install Aranym, and copy the AFROS disk image in your usual place (/home/arnaud/ara/disk.img in my config). In your config file, [IDE1]-Path must point to this AFROS disk image.

Then, run aranym, and press CTRL key during the EmuTOS boot. Open the C: drive (your EasyAraMint boot drive) and the E: drive (the last AFROS disk). We'll then have to copy some files from E: to C: to update our EasyAraMint system.

The files to check are

From Aranym/AFROS 0.8.2 to 0.8.5

In your config file (easymint.cnf or ~/.aranym/config) change the following line:

This new cookie value is used to identify the machine as being Aranym.

The files to update (copy from E: to C:) are

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