release 0.44.0 (Jan 17 2016)

Welcome to the GEMlib web site. GEMlib is a C library that allow your software to access AES and VDI layers. If you don't know what AES and VDI are, then this library is probably not for you.

What's new ?

Here are the main changes in this release:

See the ChangeLog for more details.


From GEMlib 0.43, the documentation of GEMlib is embeded in the code using doxygen syntax. Running doxygen on GEMlib code generates the gemlib API documentation.

This documentation is also available in a gzipped tarball (see the download section)


description archive size
Sources gemlib-0.44.0-src.tgz 337.484 bytes
gemlib-0.44.0-doc.tgz 1.217.837 bytes
lib for pure c 65.840 bytes
lib for sozobonx Not available bytes
lib for gcc 2.81 267.045 bytes
lib for gcc 279.370 bytes
lib for lattice c 106.245 bytes
lib for vbcc 197.217 bytes
RPM (binary) Not available bytes
RPM (sources) Not available bytes

For AHCC users, gemlib may be downloaded here:

If you are looking for a RPM, please visit the official web site:


Development and follow-up

Sources of GEMlib are stored in the freemint CVS repository (lib/gemlib directory). See for more details about this CVS repository, or browse this directory here.

The right place to discuss about that library seems to be the mint mailing list. See for more details, or read the FAQ.

Main changes in GEMlib 0.43

A dedicated page summaries the [r]evolution of GEMlib and the major changes between previous libraries (gemlib 0.42 and Mgemlib 41) and gemlib 0.43.

If you're interested in that historical point, you can visit the changes-0.43.htm page.

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