GEMlib 0.43

Major Changes

This page summaries some historical points about GEM libraries and the main changes done in GEMlib to get GEMlib 0.43

History: what is GEMlib 0.43

To sum-up, GEMlib 0.43 is a kind of merge between: some functions added, some bugs fixed, and a lot of internal changes so that gemlib 0.43 is the first safe thread version of gemlib (mgemlib only has the AES bindings safe thread, and gemlib 0.42.2 has nothing safe thread).

Last main new feature: a full API documentation generated from the source code using doxygen

GEMlib 0.43 is now thread safe

GEMlib 0.43 has a new include scheme : there are now 4 header files: gem.h, gemx.h, mt_gem.h and mt_gemx.h.

Nota: in all cases, the VDI library is safe thread.

Because of the new design (thread safe) and because of the merge, some incompatibility between gemlib 0.42.2 and gemlib 0.43.0 (or between Mgemlib 41 and gemlib 0.43.0) has appear.

from gemlib 0.42.2 to gemlib 0.43.0

from mgemlib 41 to gemlib 0.43.0

Older pages

These old pages presents the work in progress when working on GEMlib 0.42.99 (the pre-version of GEMlib 0.43)

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