GEMLIB  0.44.0
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 AES Function Reference
 Application Services LibraryInitialization and interprocess communication
 Event LibraryWait for user response
 Form LibraryUser interaction with dialogs & error messages
 File Selector LibraryStandard file selector
 Graphics LibrarySpecial mouse functions
 Menu LibraryCreate or modify drop-down menu
 Object LibraryDisplay or modify object trees
 Resource LibraryResource files
 Scrap LibraryInterprocess cut & paste operations
 Shell LibraryAES shell functions
 Window LibraryWindow frame interface
 Utility LibrarySome usefull utilities function. This library doesn't contain any AES call
 MagiC extension: Window DialogAES extended dialog in window
 MagiC extension: Edit LibraryAES extended edit functions
 MagiC/WDIALOG extension: Font selector LibraryFont selector functions
 MagiC/WDIALOG extension: File selector LibraryFile selector functions
 MagiC/WDIALOG extension: List Box LibraryList box functions
 MagiC/WDIALOG extension: Printer Dialog LibraryPrinter dialog functions
 VDI Function Reference
 VDI attribute functionsAttribute functions
 VDI control functionsControl functions
 VDI escape functionsEscapes functions
 VDI inquiry functionsInquiry functions
 VDI input functionsInput functions
 VDI output functionsOutput functions
 VDI raster functionsRaster functions
 VDI utility functionsSome usefull utilities function. This library doesn't contain any VDI call
 VDI extended functions
 Specific UDEF functionsThis section contains all VDI functions that have a specific UDEF version