GEMLIB  0.44.0
Data Fields
EVNT Struct Reference

#include <mt_gemx.h>

Data Fields

short mwhich
short mx
short my
short mbutton
short kstate
short key
short mclicks
short reserved [9]
short msg [16]

Detailed Description


Field Documentation

short EVNT::key

Scancode of the pressed key

short EVNT::kstate

Status of the 'special' keys (kbshift)

short EVNT::mbutton

Pressed mouse button

short EVNT::mclicks

Number of mouse clicks

short EVNT::msg[16]


Referenced by mt_EVNT_multi().

short EVNT::mwhich

Type of events

short EVNT::mx

X-coordinate of the mouse cursor

short EVNT::my

Y-coordinate of the mouse cursor

short EVNT::reserved[9]


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