GEMLIB  0.44.0
Data Fields
XFNT_INFO Struct Reference

#include <mt_gemx.h>

Data Fields

long size
short format
short id
short index
char font_name [50]
char family_name [50]
char style_name [50]
char file_name1 [200]
char file_name2 [200]
char file_name3 [200]
short pt_cnt
short pt_sizes [64]

Detailed Description

structure to store information about a font

Field Documentation

char XFNT_INFO::family_name[50]

name of the font family, e.g. "Century725 BT"

char XFNT_INFO::file_name1[200]

name of the first font file, e.g. "C:\\FONTS\\TT1059M_.TTF"

char XFNT_INFO::file_name2[200]

name of the 2nd font file

char XFNT_INFO::file_name3[200]

name of the 3rd font file

char XFNT_INFO::font_name[50]

font name, e.g. "Century 725 Italic BT"

short XFNT_INFO::format

font format, e.g. 4 for TrueType

Referenced by vqt_xfntinfo().

short XFNT_INFO::id

font ID, e.g. 6059

Referenced by vqt_xfntinfo().

short XFNT_INFO::index


Referenced by vqt_xfntinfo().

short XFNT_INFO::pt_cnt

number of available point sizes (vst_point()), e.g. 10

short XFNT_INFO::pt_sizes[64]

available point sizes, e.g. { 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 48 }

long XFNT_INFO::size

length of the structure, initialize this entry before calling vqt_xfntinfo()

Referenced by vqt_xfntinfo().

char XFNT_INFO::style_name[50]

name of the font style, e.g. "Italic"

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