GEMLIB  0.44.0
Data Fields

#include <mt_gemx.h>

Data Fields

UTXT_FN display
long id
short index
char mono
char outline
short npts
char * full_name
char * family_name
char * style_name
char * pts
long reserved [4]

Detailed Description

FNTS_ITEM data structure

Field Documentation

UTXT_FN _fnts_item::display

Pointer to the display function for the user fonts

char* _fnts_item::family_name

Pointer to the family name

char* _fnts_item::full_name

Pointer to the complete name

long _fnts_item::id

Font ID, >= 65536 for user fonts

short _fnts_item::index

Must be 0, as not a VDI font

char _fnts_item::mono

Flag for mono-spaced font

FNTS_ITEM* _fnts_item::next

Pointer to the next font or 0L (end of the list)

short _fnts_item::npts

Number of predefined point sizes

char _fnts_item::outline

Flag for vector font

char* _fnts_item::pts

Pointer to field with point sizes

long _fnts_item::reserved[4]

Reserved, must be 0

char* _fnts_item::style_name

Pointer to the style name

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