GEMLIB  0.44.0
Data Fields
cicon_data Struct Reference

#include <mt_gem.h>

Data Fields

short num_planes
short * col_data
short * col_mask
short * sel_data
short * sel_mask
struct cicon_datanext_res

Detailed Description


Field Documentation

short* cicon_data::col_data

Ptr to colour bitmap in standard form

short* cicon_data::col_mask

Ptr to individual colour plane mask (1 bit)

struct cicon_data* cicon_data::next_res

Next resolution definition of the icon

short cicon_data::num_planes

Number of color planes

short* cicon_data::sel_data

Ptr to colour bitmap of selected icon in standard format

short* cicon_data::sel_mask

Ptr to individual plane mask of the icon (1 bit)

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