GEMLIB  0.44.0
Data Fields
pEvntrec Struct Reference

#include <mt_gem.h>

Data Fields

long ap_event
long ap_value

Detailed Description

struct used by mt_appl_trecord() and mt_appl_tplay()

ap_event defines the required interpretation of ap_value as follows:

ap_event ap_value
APPEVNT_TIMER (0) Elapsed Time (in milliseconds)
APPEVNT_BUTTON (1) low word = state (1 = down), high word = # of clicks
APPEVNT_MOUSE (2) low word = X pos, high word = Y pos

bits 0-7 = ASCII code, bits 8-15 = scan code, bits 16-31 = shift key

Please read documentation of mt_appl_trecord() and mt_appl_tplay() for more details and known bugs related to this structure.

Field Documentation

long pEvntrec::ap_event

one of the APPEVNT_XXX constant

long pEvntrec::ap_value

kind of data depends on ap_event

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